Group of Women Taking Selfies Inside The Amazing 360 Multimedia Photo and Video Booth

Experience the 360 Difference

Are you ready to take breathtaking, Instagram-worthy photos and videos that'll have your friends saying, "WOW!"

Then step right on up and experience The Amazing 360.

The Amazing 360 can be rented or reserved with professional attendants who are ready to make your next party, wedding, gala, or whatever festive occasion you're having an unforgettable one.

The Amazing 360 is an immersive booth that's perfect for groups of up to 5-6 people! The studio-grade camera rotates around you in 360-degrees as you pose, creating a stunning video that showcases your style, energy, and personality.

Our on-site multimedia technicians and video directors love creating a fun atmosphere during your event and will spice up the celebration by providing fun props, personalized graphics, special effects for videos and photos, custom designs, and more.

We'll help you cherish those moments forever in 4K and 1080p high-definition photo and video quality with live streaming capabilities too. If you're launching a corporate or private event, we'll guarantee a brandable experience that fits your theme and every event we throw is social media optimized, instantly shareable, and can be downloaded to your mobile devices.

And the best part is, we'll travel to bring the party and The Amazing 360 experience to your next event! Contact us to learn more about our packages and services for more details.

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Reserve our video platform The Amazing 360
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The Amazing 360 creates personalized designs for your videos
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We add the music and visual effects that you like the most
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Pose for the camera and record incredible videos
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Download in real time and share with your friends and family
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Video capture
in high definition.
The videos are captured in high definition. Makes your guests look great!
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Extra-large Platform.
The platform is resistant and extra-large, up to 7 people can participate.
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Full Customization
Videos are available shortly after capture and are fully customizable. We can control the speed, effects, graphics, texts, background music and more.
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Data Capture
Give your guests an amazing experience while also providing fully personalized data.
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Instant share.
Videos are instantly available and shared via email. MMS, WhatsApp, direct download and more.
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360°/180° and Slow Motion.
Our HD cameras use frame rates up to 120fps to produce the smoothest slow-motion video in the industry.
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