Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Amazing 360?
The Amazing 360 is an interactive and immersive booth where up to 7 people can take a series of 360-degree photos and videos in 4K quality that can be downloaded and shared on social media instantly.

We provide fun props, custom designs, green screen backdrops or enclosures, and a curated music set list; we'll even create branding that matches your private or corporate event.

Our on-site multimedia technician will ensure that your high-quality videos/photos look cinematic and Instagram-worthy. But most of all, that you're enjoying The Amazing 360 experience.

How does The Amazing 360 work?
You and your guests step on the booth's platform while a revolving camera spins 360 degrees around to capture photos or videos, which can be downloaded and shared on social once you're done.

The Amazing 360 can record videos in slow-motion or fast and can capture footage or photos in different directions (clockwise/counterclockwise) at several angles or heights. The rotating camera arm can be set up to revolve once or as many rotations as you wish.

What are the space requirements for The Amazing 360?
It depends on the event location, but The Amazing 360 requires a minimum space of 10 X 10 sq. ft.

The more room, the better because it allows for awesome full-body shots, so we recommend a space of 15 X 15 sq. ft. or larger.

Is there an attendant present to assist?
The Amazing 360 is operated by our accommodating and hospitable on-site technicians, who will ensure you're getting the best shots and having a good time. You can request to rent The Amazing 360, and we'll brief you on how it works.

How much set-up time is needed for The Amazing 360?
Our team will arrive no less than 1 hour early for your event. The time to build the booth can vary depending on your requested set-up.

If you want just an unenclosed booth alone with a simple backdrop, then the set-up time is roughly 20 minutes. The technical and software configurations take 15 minutes to complete.

For highly personalized events and requests for The Amazing 360 with the greenscreen tent enclosure or roofless 180/360-degree backdrops, the physical set-up time is at least 30 to 50 minutes (excluding technical arrangements).

Can the booth be outdoors?
Yes, if there are adequate power sources available and a backup plan if the weather does not permit The Amazing 360 to be arranged outdoors.

How long can The Amazing 360 be rented for?
The base rental time starts at 3 hours, but The Amazing 360 can be rented for even longer. Fill out the form below to reserve a spot and get pricing information.

How can I receive my photos and videos?
Yes, of course! You'll be able to instantly download all the photos and videos you've taken and share them on your socials too. And if you'd like, we can send you an email with a gallery full of all the photos and videos were taken during the event.

Can I stream videos live on Instagram?
Yes, 100%! You can go live on stream your video on Instagram.

How much does The Amazing 360 cost?
Pricing depends on how long you would like to rent The Amazing 360 and how you would like to arrange and customize the booth. We also factor in the event details and the arrangements needed. To get an accurate estimate, contact us by filling out the contact form below.

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Reserve our video platform The Amazing 360
 icon 2
The Amazing 360 creates personalized designs for your videos
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We add the music and visual effects that you like the most
 icon 4
Pose for the camera and record incredible videos
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Download in real time and share with your friends and family
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Video capture
in high definition.
The videos are captured in high definition. Makes your guests look great!
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Extra-large Platform.
The platform is resistant and extra-large, up to 7 people can participate.
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Full Customization
Videos are available shortly after capture and are fully customizable. We can control the speed, effects, graphics, texts, background music and more.
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Data Capture
Give your guests an amazing experience while also providing fully personalized data.
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Instant share.
Videos are instantly available and shared via email. MMS, WhatsApp, direct download and more.
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360°/180° and Slow Motion.
Our HD cameras use frame rates up to 120fps to produce the smoothest slow-motion video in the industry.
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