Person With Arms Up Having Fun in Neon Lit Photo Booth That is The Amazing 360Based in Miami, we launched in 2022 with an idea and a mission to share with the world that we're not just your average photo booth. We take event activations of all sizes to the next level.

Our goal at The Amazing 360 goes beyond turning up the fun factor at parties, weddings, or whatever the event may be because we're here to create an immersive virtual experience for you.

We specialize in coordinating with you or your event planning team by incorporating The Amazing 360 for your next celebration, brand activation, private or corporate occasions, experiential marketing events, etc.

We're committed to helping you tell the story of your event through sharable photos, videos, and social media-worthy memories to hold on to.

Each experience is catered to your needs and fully customized across the board.

We create personalized designs and graphics, multimedia assets, marketing collateral, and we can provide props, costumes, and custom event backdrops. We'll event roll out that red carpet to add some flair.

The Amazing 360 can be rented, and our on-site team is always ready to deliver the 360 difference.

Let Us Show You The Amazing 360 Difference

The Amazing 360 is brought to you by the creators of WebFindYou, a digital innovator and the global leader in True Digital Marketing Technology. Being on the cutting-edge of technology, digital strategies, and video marketing is what created the natural birth of The Amazing 360.

So, whether you're seeking interactive event entertainment or purpose-driven campaign enhancements, we can produce your desired results like no other. That's why we're not just 360, we're The Amazing 360! Call us, fill out the form, or live chat with us, and let's get this party started!

People at Event Having Fun Partying, Experiencing Not Just 360, The Amazing 360, so Book Now
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Reserve our video platform The Amazing 360
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The Amazing 360 creates personalized designs for your videos
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We add the music and visual effects that you like the most
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Pose for the camera and record incredible videos
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Download in real time and share with your friends and family
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Video capture
in high definition.
The videos are captured in high definition. Makes your guests look great!
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Extra-large Platform.
The platform is resistant and extra-large, up to 7 people can participate.
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Full Customization
Videos are available shortly after capture and are fully customizable. We can control the speed, effects, graphics, texts, background music and more.
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Data Capture
Give your guests an amazing experience while also providing fully personalized data.
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Instant share.
Videos are instantly available and shared via email. MMS, WhatsApp, direct download and more.
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360°/180° and Slow Motion.
Our HD cameras use frame rates up to 120fps to produce the smoothest slow-motion video in the industry.
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